About Us

Hello, it’s nice to have you here on our blog! We’re Ruth and Andrew and together we run an.item.explores – Ruth more on the Instagram side and Andrew more on the writing side. We met in Durham, where we lived for 5 years, at university and have been ‘an item’ ever since.

We’ve both always been curious about the world but we really developed a passion for travelling while we were on our year abroad – Andrew in Pamplona, Spain, and Ruth in Brussels, Belgium, and then Dortmund, Germany. It was while we were on a long train ride down the west of Germany in the summer of 2017 that we decided to start an Instagram page and our blog which we dedicated to travel.

Both our writing and photography skills have come a long way since then (thankfully!) and we now spend most of our spare time exploring the UK together with our border collie puppy, Roxy. We recently bought our first home together in a little village near Tunbridge Wells in Kent and are enjoying the multitude of National Trust properties nearby like Scotney Castle as well as being so close to London.

Ruth is a German/French to English translator and Andrew is a French and Spanish teacher.

You can see more of our photos on our Instagram page if you’re interested!